Welcome to Costa Rica Holiday Homestay!

Costa Rica Outdoors!

Homestay guests visiting the beautiful Pacific Waterfall in Cloudbridge Reserve, San Gerardo de Rivas

Staying with a rural family to immerse in our Costa Rican way of life is an insight that you will always remember

Enjoy natural venues, learn some Spanish, savor the typical cooking and meet the local culture. Our Homestay experience is assured to provide what you’re looking for !!

For decades, our families in San Gerardo de Rivas have given shelter to visitors and have learned how to make them feel at home. Mt Chirripó hikers and volunteers for different community projects have traditionally visited with us

Apart from staying in a Costa Rican home, we provide TOURS around San Gerardo that range from a farm to a painting studio or a chocolatier. You will discover our people, Nature and productive activities.

Whether you stay few days or several weeks, we strive to meet your needs or the requirements of your family. We will be glad to be your hosts

We are Costa Rica Holiday Homestay, a rural community tourism initiative.

You will find all the information you need here to plan your visit:

A bit about us…our village…and what we do

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