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Recent shout-outs for Costa Rica Holiday Homestays!


When you’re making a decision about your vacation plans it’s always good to hear from other people. All the more so with homestays that are, let’s face it, a new and edgy way to visit a country and learn about its culture.

We collect voluntary comments from our past visitors encouraging them to tell us just what worked and what didn’t. Here’s a sampling from recent stays:

“Dona Leyla was a wonderful host – warm and generous. I really enjoyed talking to her about the village and her family.
The house was beautiful and characterful. Small thing – would be good to find a way to hold open the window shutters in the bedroom, which kept closing in the wind.
Also I hadn’t realised how incredibly beautiful San Gerardo was until I arrived!” James, UK, 2016

“Dona Graciela is an excellent cook and was very accommodating when our children requested some alternatives to the traditional meals. Dona Graciela and her family were very gracious and we felt very at ease in their home. We were all interested in learning more about each other. Graciela spoke with us patiently and tried to find other words to use when we didn’t understand. We especially enjoyed Nancy’s company, since she reminded us so much of our niece. It was lovely spending time with her and she showed us the ropes of the town, helping us find a ball, so that we could play soccer in the plaza. This was another highlight of the trip for our children. Julie, Canada, 2015

About volunteering through CRHH, one of our activities available:
“I really enjoyed [the] volunteering [arranged] with Proyecto San Gerardo. The students were really dedicated to learning English and it felt good to be able to help out and be part of the local community. There was plenty of support and advice available and it was great experience to put on my CV.” Elfie, UK, 2015

About volunteering with the community:
“I learned how make tamales and how to cut fruit and vegetables muy rapido and how to prepare food for large groups of people efficiently. The village women were helpful and friendly and working with them made me feel like a part of the community. [Some of the other CRHH volunteers envied me the kitchen assignment.] Mimi, New York, 2014

About learning Spanish:
“Spanish Conversation with Karol went very well. I was surprised at how quickly the sessions went. She was very accommodating and reliable” Daniel, Colorado, 2014

“Karol was obviously very well prepared for the lesson and succeeded in adapting it to make it interesting for both adults and children. We found that we remembered some of the useful things she taught us, which came in handy during our stay! Thank you, Karol.” Julie, Canada, 2015

“My homestay was amazing, I had a great time! The family were lovely, their house was really nice and the gardens were beautiful. Bernan was so funny and Shirley was incredibly kind, I didn’t feel like an outsider at all and they made me feel really welcome in their home. They were very helpful with my Spanish and they frequently corrected me 🙂 The food was amazing and I loved the cookery classes, Shirley can really cook! The Spanish teacher you provided was lovely and I enjoyed our relaxed conversation lessons. The visits to the schools have restructured my masters postgraduate project completely, wonderfully invaluable visits- thanks so much for organising those.” Cathy, UK, 2014

If you like what you’re reading contact us at We can promise you the welcome of a lifetime!

Summer plans! Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

Our homestay families welcome you!

Our homestay families welcome you!

Summer is calling: vacations, downtime, hobbies and everything that’s just not work! Now’s the time (or anytime really) to start acting on that dream of the Costa Rica vacation you’ve been wanting.

How do you see yourself?

You really want to learn or practice your Spanish. It’s a goal you’ve had for a while. Imagine taking Spanish lessons but also staying with a welcoming family and sharing your newly learned phrases over homemade meals or a cup of local coffee. Our lovely teacher Karol offers lessons at all levels and works closely with our homestay families to keep the practice going after class.
We offer:
• Private classes of 2 or 4 hours
• Couples classes
• Group classes (when available)
• At your homestay or in Café Bambú in the center of the village.
Before or after class you can choose from many tours and activities we offer at reduced prices for our language students. Enjoy a hike, the fabulous thermal springs or a visit to the chocolatier or the cheese maker – whatever your fancy.
Check out the website and contact us here to make your Spanish language vacation a reality!

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NEW! Costa Rica Cooking Classes in San Gerardo de Rivas


Yummy corn tortillas


So you’ve come to love your ‘gallo pinto’ in the morning – literally ‘painted rooster’! That delicious mixture of rice, beans and flavorings goes down a treat with fresh eggs and coffee first thing.

How about tortillas? Enjoyed with ‘natilla’ (sour cream) or cheese, tortillas with fresh coffee are traditional afternoon snacks in Costa Rica.

So when you have to go home wouldn’t it be handy to know how to make your favourite Costa Rican dishes? We thought of that too, so starting the first week in January we’re offering cooking classes twice a week in San Gerardo de Rivas:


LESSON 1: A full lunch (almuerzo)
Learn how to make gallo pinto, tortillas and ‘agua de sapo’ (fresh ginger lemonade)
Served for lunch with eggs and fried plantain
Cost $20

LESSON 2: Tortillas
Learn how to hand make delicious corn tortillas! It takes some practice!
Served with natilla (sour cream) and locally produced blackberry jam
Cost $10


Every Monday and Wednesday in January, February and March
Lesson 1: 11 am
Lesson 2: 2pm

Call 2742-5356 or 8793-7783
    or 2742-5102
Or email:

Teachers: Dona Leyla, Dona Xinia & Dona Shirley – all Costa Rica Holiday Homestay hosts.

Gallo pinto with all the trimmings



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