Finca Don Raúl Nature Reserve

Finca Don Raúl is a 56-hectare (will put you on the road to take control of your life and start the process of improvement. 138 acres) property in the middle of the cloud forest in Costa Rica. Here you will have an experience which will help you grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

Special eating routines, hikes, physical and mental exercises, meditation, and conversations

Finca Don Raul Natural Reserve
Finca Don Raul Natural Reserve

The retreat is for people who want to:

  • Leave behind depression or an addiction
  • Improve their physical condition
  • Build mental strength
  • Escape from a world of materialism and the related anxiety
  • Find their place in life
  • Experience a closeness with nature
  • Detox their bodies
  • Find internal peace
  • Take a break from technology
  • Get away from society and social pressure
  • Work toward overcoming their fears

For further information please contact us:

Alex Zuñiga
Email to: / Whatsapp: 506 8539 0999

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