Frisbee Fun in Costa Rica!


One Costa Rica Holiday Homestay family made a big difference in the lives of San Gerardo kids this week! Holly had packed up a bunch of Frisbees to bring with her thinking perhaps the children would enjoy them – never knowing how much they did!

Once the word got around that there was ‘’frisbi ultimo’’ in the plaza around 20 children appeared – aged between 3 and 14 – and Frisbees started to fly!

Holly, Jack and Marcela taught the children how to throw the discs (as accurately as possible!) and they practiced and practiced for hours until the light began to fade. They invented a new form of ‘Monkey’ – one or two kids trying to intercept the frisbee passed by 2 on the outside. They ran and ducked and leapt and ran again till everyone was exhausted. Holly then sent a Frisbee home to every household represented there in the plaza and they took off to the Roca Dura for a well-deserved pint!

Such a simple gesture – but such a great feeling of playing, and enjoying the warm summer afternoon together. And who knows where this will end! An ultimate frisbee team in the making? A chance to share with visitors from all over the world this well-known sport. Thanks Holly and your family – really nice!

(CRHH provides opportunities for inter-cultural activities such as this one. There are also many volunteer opportunities you can match with your homestay. Contact us for a downloadable information sheet about homestay/volunteer options in San Gerardo de Rivas)

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