Our Mission

To provide a quality homestay experience to visitors to San Gerardo de Rivas, where they can learn about Costa Rica culture by living with a local family, within a safe and environmentally sustainable framework.

 Our Values:

  • Collaboration: with the local community and with local tourist attractions to benefit the community.
  • Friendly & open: our families are open to having visitors from different cultures in their houses and will teach them about Costa Rican culture and also learn about their visitors’ cultures.
  • Reliability: All employees of Costa Rica Holiday Homestay will provide visitors with a high standard of service.
  • Environmental sustainability: Visitors will enjoy the natural beauty of our region and are educated to conduct their activities in a way to protect the environment.
  • Safety: Visitors of Costa Rica Holiday Homestay will be provided a safe environment, and our employees and guides will act in a responsible manner with the visitor’s well-being as a priority.
  • Respect: for the local community and its values and traditions.

Our Environmental and Social Responsibility:

Costa Rica Holiday Homestay is committed to valuing, supporting and maintaining the natural environment of the region. Located next to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Talamanca La Amistad (Cerro Chirripó) our staff, host families and tour participate in our local recycling program through Bandera Azul, organic farming, and protection of our natural resources. You will find San Gerardo to be protected and unspoiled, our spring water safe to drink and our streets litter-free. CRHH clients will be impressed by our community efforts around reforestation, species protection and environmentally sustainable tourism.

Costa Rica Holiday Homestay was founded as a social enterprise: a business dedicated to benefitting the local San Gerardo community as well as our clients. Our host families receive free training from CRHH in alliance with INA (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje) to be able to offer the highest standard of service, and are paid generously recognizing the costs, as well as the dreams of every family here in the village. In addition, our tours collaborate with local guides, naturalists, artists and traditional crafts people to support our traditional culture and benefit local people.

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