What To Pack


January – April: the weather will be warm in San Gerardo, hot on exertion, but cool in the late evening and overnight. Rain is unlikely – dust is more of a problem!

May – July: rain becomes progressively more likely, though only in the afternoons. Mornings remain like high summer! You will need a good raincoat/poncho, umbrella, walking or rubber boots for hiking and plenty of bug repellant!

September – December assignments: still rainy until mid to late November and increasing possibility of some morning rain.

ALWAYS have a hat!

Formal or informal?

Ticos are very conscious of personal grooming. The aim should be to dress comfortably and fairly conservatively – except for party time when everyone enjoys dressing up! Nowhere in San Gerardo will you be expected to wear formal wear BUT you may need smarter slacks/shirt or a dress if you attend church. Fiesta wear is considered smart casual – torn or dirty clothing is not appropriate except in the fields!


Your home stay will do your laundry and it will likely be machine washed and hung to dry, but unlikely ironed. There’s no dry cleaning! You may find you change clothes more frequently because of the heat and/or relative humidity and dust. Pack lots of easy care drip dry clothes that don’t wrinkle! Everyone wears jeans but they are hot in the summer season – capris are great and shorts are fine.

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