Cheese! Homestay family falls in love!


Recently one of our visiting homestay families decided to tour ‘Quesos Canaan’ – a small handcrafted cheese farm that produces a Swiss-type cheese from their small dairy herd. They milked the cow, listened to the weird and wonderful story of how Wilberth Mata and his family got started in hard cheese-making and then helped to make it themselves. Afterwards they bought some and returned to their homestay at Dona Graciela’s to enjoy it with their hosts.

Well, they liked that cheese so much that they’ve been ordering it up from anyone who happens to travel back to their hometown in Canada! The rules state that up to $20 worth of hard cheese can be brought into Canada and so that’s what they arrange. Only Costa Rica cheese will do! We bet that wasn’t an outcome they expected from their Costa Rica Holiday Homestay. Pura vida Quesos Canaan!

PS To include a similar tour in your homestay itinerary simply let Jenny know and she will reserve it for you. The tour lasts 2 – 3 hours includes a walk around the farm to milk the cow, view the biodigester and organic composter, making the cheese from scratch and, of course, a chance to taste it! Although Wilberth speaks Spanish Costa Rica Holiday Homestay provides an interpreter. See: Cheese Factory for more pictures. Tour price: $17 per person includes tour, transport there and back, guide and interpretation – tasters free!


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