How To Get Here



Bus from San Jose:

Departure is hourly every day from 5:30am to 5:30pm from MUSOC bus station. Tickets cost 3500 CRC onsite or 4000 CRC online.

To get there, take an Uber, which is the cheap-fast-safe way.

We advise that you buy your tickets online following this LINK. You can do it two days in advance and you can choose your seat (we recommend numbers between 21 and 31). It is important to keep the PDF that they send to your email to claim your space. You do not need an ID to embark. Neither the bus station nor the bus itself have wi-fi.

If you prefer to buy them onsite, they have a boot right in the main entrance. They only receive cash and it is important to be there at least one hour in advance (office hours are from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m). They do not accept dollars, euros or pounds.

When you embark, try to keep all your luggage with you. This is not a direct bus and they take and drop passengers along the way opening the lugage compartment sometimes.

PLEASE call us once you have bought your bus ticket so we know what time to be at the MUSOC bus station in San Isidro to meet you.

Taxi or Uber from San Jose:

From SJO airport “Arrivals”, you will prefer to hire the orange airport cabs  or the red official taxis for short distances inside San José.

Uber is available in the cities but quite scarce in the rural areas. They are as good for long distances as 176 USD for San José Airport to San Gerardo de Rivas trip.

Car from San Jose:

Your total journey from San Jose to San Gerardo should be no more than 4 hours. Traffic jams are normal inside San José city.

Waze or Maps applications should be set to “Costa Rica Holiday Homestay” or “San Gerardo de Rivas” (there are several “San Gerardo” in Costa Rica)

Follow the Pan-American Highway (Highway 2) south for 135km. This road crosses a mountain pass so be prepared for mist, many curves, and slow patches behind trucks. It is advisable only to drive this road in daylight and exercise caution.

From San Isidro:

Uber is available in San Isidro downtown and they can take you to San Gerardo for 6000 CRC.

Buses heading San Gerardo departs from Terminal Municipal at 5:15am, 7:00am, 10:00 am, 1:00pm, 4:00 and 6:45pm. Ticket is paid to the driver and costs 1125 CRC.

By car, set Waze or Maps to follow “Costa Rica Holiday Homestay” or “San Gerardo de Rivas”

Traveling throughout Costa Rica:

The first thing that you need is a SIM card to use local data and communications. You can find a chip just as you arrive at the airport. We recommend Kolbi brand.

The country is very safe for travelers, but you have to watch your luggage -as in any other part of the world-. Always have local colones on hand for which you can search any bank around town to exchange. Before travelling, make sure which banks or ATMs will accept your credit card.

Remember that destinations may appear close on the map but elevations, mountain passes and certain road conditions make traveling much longer than you think. Travel with warm clothing and wet weather gear available as well as some emergency supplies. There are usually a number of places to stop for food and a rest on route, but if you are driving gas stations are often infrequent.

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