NEW! Costa Rica Cooking Classes in San Gerardo de Rivas


Yummy corn tortillas


So you’ve come to love your ‘gallo pinto’ in the morning – literally ‘painted rooster’! That delicious mixture of rice, beans and flavorings goes down a treat with fresh eggs and coffee first thing.

How about tortillas? Enjoyed with ‘natilla’ (sour cream) or cheese, tortillas with fresh coffee are traditional afternoon snacks in Costa Rica.

So when you have to go home wouldn’t it be handy to know how to make your favourite Costa Rican dishes? We thought of that too, so starting the first week in January we’re offering cooking classes twice a week in San Gerardo de Rivas:


LESSON 1: A full lunch (almuerzo)
Learn how to make gallo pinto, tortillas and ‘agua de sapo’ (fresh ginger lemonade)
Served for lunch with eggs and fried plantain
Cost $20

LESSON 2: Tortillas
Learn how to hand make delicious corn tortillas! It takes some practice!
Served with natilla (sour cream) and locally produced blackberry jam
Cost $10


Every Monday and Wednesday in January, February and March
Lesson 1: 11 am
Lesson 2: 2pm

Call 2742-5356 or 8793-7783
    or 2742-5102
Or email:

Teachers: Dona Leyla, Dona Xinia & Dona Shirley – all Costa Rica Holiday Homestay hosts.

Gallo pinto with all the trimmings



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