Our Families

Get to know our homestay families and tell us who you would like to stay with. Everyone is looking for something unique in their vacation homestay: you appreciate peace and quiet to concentrate on your Spanish, or you want to be with a family because you’re bringing your children to make friends. Maybe it’s the ambiance of a beautiful Tico home and garden that attracts you or you want to experience a real Costa Rican farm. Or maybe you just don’t know…well, these introductions will help you decide what kind of homestay holiday you would enjoy. Remember, every one of our families provides the best welcome possible and subscribe to the Costa Rica Holiday Homestay code of service and ethics concerning their homes and their hospitality. Read on…

 Comment: “We liked being offered several options from which to choose. The home was comfortable and immaculate, and our family was perfect! (Suzanne/Portland Oregon May 2012)

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