Doña Eneida

Eneida and her husband Rafael (Rafa), and their adult son Siviany live in a large, open house with a number of bedrooms and a beautiful balcony surrounded by specimens of Don Rafa’s prize orchids. The garden is a delight as there is always something new and exotic to discover. Eneida is a wonderful cook and her dishes were featured in the San Gerardo Cookbook, a copy of which is presented to every CRHH visitor or family. Eneida and Rafa participate in many community activities and they have two married daughters and two grandchildren living nearby. Their house, just 400 meters east of the village centre, is always full of laughter.

Say Robin and Anthony (stayed March 2011): ‘Rafa took us on a tour of their beautiful gardens filled with blooming orchids, bromeliads, ginger, lemon and avocado trees not to mention their coffee plantation. As time neared to prepare dinner, Eneida invited me into the kitchen to help. The aromas filling their home were unbelievable (and) we enjoyed a delectable meal together.

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