Doña Shirley

Amongst the gorgeous tropical blooms and fruiting trees of ‘Jardines Secretos’ lives Doña Shirley, Don Bernan, her husband, and their son Juan Pablo, who is studying at university. Bernan manages the gardens; and their home, with its lovely open-air dining room, is surrounded by the color of flowers and butterflies as well as San Gerardo’s famous birdsong. Shirley is a professional caterer so you can be assured of wonderful meals while you are staying, as well as daily walks in the lovely garden and fascinating information about some of their thousands of tropical species. This home has internet available. Kaya’s teacher (Beacon School, New York stayed with CRHH in April 2011) says:-

“He LOVED the home stay and said the family was very nice. He had brought a soccer ball which worked out great as when Kaya arrived the son was wearing a soccer jersey.  He also said the food they prepared was delicious.”

Suzanne (Portland, Oregon – stayed with CRHH in April/May 2012) says:-

“Our host family was perfect – they made us feel so welcome, sharing their mealtimes and their leisure time as well. They took us on walks, showed us places we might otherwise have missed, and invited us to relax and talk with them in the evenings.”


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