Doña Xinia

Jose Luis Garita (Licho) and Xinnia Castillo live with three of their five children in a newly renovated home 500 m west of the village centre. Their two oldest daughters are now working and living away from home and they have one grandson. Licho works as a Mt. Chirripó guide and porter and has climbed the mountain over 1000 times! He is also a community leader and  is  Past President of the local Asociacion or Community Council. He’s characterized as a bit of a comedian, loves hearty conversations and a good joke! Xinia is a housewife and also volunteers in the church with Sunday school as well as participating in the traditional dance group “Las Mariposas” (the butterflies). She also loves to sew, cook, bake and hairdressing. The children are studying at high school and university level, or working – and the baby grandson is the darling of the family!



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