Doña Yeti

Up the farm road known as the Chispa lives Doña Yeti (pronounced Jetti) and her husband Don Guido. They have been married over 40 years and Yeti remembers having to bathe in the river at 4 a.m. on her wedding day to get to the church in time for the service at 7 a.m! After all, it was a working day on a dairy farm! They have 6 children, twenty grandchildren and a great-grandson. They own a working farm (horticulture and coffee) so visitors who are interested in learning more about traditional farming practices in Costa Rica will find this homestay most interesting. On top of that you are guaranteed to eat the most delicious cheese tortillas in San Gerardo! Yeti and Guido love visitors who come to admire Yeti’s beautiful garden or eat those tortillas with a fresh cup of coffee! About 15 minutes walk from the centre of San Gerardo.


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