Spanish Lessons

Spanish Lessons: 

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Learn Spanish in San Gerardo, Costa Rica

Coming to Costa Rica is a wonderful opportunity to learn or improve your Spanish. Your Homestay will be a rich opportunity to practice language skills, but you may want more formal learning opportunities to get a kick-start, sort out grammar or pronunciation problems and make the most of your language opportunity here. Arranged for all levels from beginner to fluency Costa Rica Holiday Homestays offers the following options:

Two or four hour formal Spanish classes at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels. Your language level will be determined and a lesson provided to meet your grammar or pronunciation needs. Teachers include: Alex Zuniga who has years of teaching both Spanish and English with the national adult learning organization: INA and the state education system at high school level; and Karol Fernandez who is also a public school English teacher.

Classes can be arranged privately or for couples or in groups (if available) Prices:

  • Private: Classes: 2 hours: $20, 4 hours: $40
  • Couples: Classes: 2 hours: $25, 4 hours: $50
  • Groups: Classes: 2 hours: $10 each, 4 hours: $20 each

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