Summer’s here! Come see the beauty!

Resplendent Quetzal

The last great rains of the season are passing and summer is showing itself in the bright mornings, visiting birds and yes, the Christmas shoppers! It always seems paradoxical to wish someone a Merry Christmas when the temperatures are in the mid twenties and people are in shorts and sunglasses! But summer is definitely upon us opening up so many possibilities for Costa Rica Holiday Homestay visitors.

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Wander through the pretty farming village of Los Angeles on horseback or hike Cloudbridge Reserve and count the magnificent waterfalls; this is definitely the time of year for long and leisurely excursions. Take a stroll with your homestay host and meet the neighbors, watch a game of soccer in the plaza or pop in to one of the cafes or hotels for a delicious smoothy or a local coffee – yum!

Whether you want to structure your homestay vacation or hang loose it’s your choice and it’s the right time!

See you soon in San Gerardo de Rivas!

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