Trip Reports

An amazing week! A true adventure for us. You took a great deal of trouble to make our stay enjoyable – we are so grateful to you. (Sarah & John/Canada January 2011)

Great value for money and we will recommend Holiday Homestays to anyone we think will enjoy it. (Sarah & John/Canada January 2011)

I had a brilliant time and learnt a lot of Spanish! (Francoise/UK March 2011)  

From the minute we arranged our Holiday Homestay on line, I was impressed with your professionalism and attention to details.  (Roberta/USA February 2011)  

I can testify that Iris, Ulises, and Noily are the sweetest people I have met, and never have I felt so welcomed and taken care of as in their home.  They took care of my every need, fed me the most delicious, homemade traditional meals, and treated me as one of their own.  My experience there was completely life-changing and unforgettable.  I loved waking up in their large, beautiful home to the sound of exotic, colorful birds I could watch every morning on the back patio among a backdrop of pristine mountain forest.  They also have an accessible rancho by the river and are situated right in the middle of town.  This place is paradise, and their home is warm, inviting, and loving.  Hospitable people, wonderful stay…I will definitely be coming back here!  (Jackie/Arizona February 2012)

We had fallen in love with this adorable, embracing, charming family.  We said our good byes but not forever.  They will always be a part of our lives in spirit.  And I do believe that we will return. (Roberta/USA February 2011)

A Holiday Homestay is, in my opinion, ideal for people who have a sense of adventure, who embrace a different culture and who bring those experiences home with a renewed sense of joy and wonderment.  It was truly a life altering experience for me and for Anthony. (Roberta/USA February 2011)

This experience turned out to be so much more than I had expected. The program coordinators tailored both the tours and the home stay to our preferences and interests. The tours (cheese factory, sugar mill, artist’s gallery) were personal and experiential – we actually got to participate in the process! Our host family was perfect – they made us feel so welcome, sharing their mealtimes and their leisure time as well. They took us on walks, showed us places we might otherwise have missed, and invited us to relax and talk with them in the evenings. Organization was excellent in every aspect, and the cost very reasonable.” (Suzanne/Portland Oregon – April 2012)

This program offers a chance to learn about the traditions of Costa Rica in a warm and welcoming family environment amid the beauty of the mountains.”  (Marjorie – May 2012)




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